Bare Freedom by Andy Croft

ISBN: 9781908713032

Bare Freedom

by Andy Croft

Barry is trying to get used to life on the outside. All he wants it to make up with his sister and lead a normal life.

But with no money, no job and the local drug dealer after him, will Barry be able to keep out of trouble?

Bare Freedom, is the sequel to Forty-six Quid and a Bag of Dirty Washing. They are both particularly useful for reading and discussing with those who are due to be released from prison or have recently been released.

‘Having been out of prison once before I found the story incredibly authentic and it helped me to reflect on my poor choices which got me back inside. It stoked a fire inside of me to get out of prison and stay out.’


Prisoner, HMP Channings Wood

‘Bare Freedom made me realize that freedom from prison is at best partial. There will be much to make good, after release.


Prisoner, HMP Stafford

Look Inside

Read the first two chapters:

What do you think?

The book includes ‘What do you think?’ questions that will help readers to better empathize with the characters of the story and questions that encourage personal reflection, such as:

  • Do you think it’s ever possible to wipe the slate clean?

  • What would happen if all the prisons were empty? Can you imagine what it would be like?

  • In what ways are friendships made inside 'different'?

  • How would you describe yourself on a job application?

  • Can stealing ever be right?

Themes in the book

Readers could be encouraged to discuss and reflect on the following themes:

  • adjusting to life on the outside and to freedom

  • staying out of trouble

  • Community Payback

  • finding employment/ working for cash in hand

  • claiming benefits and food banks

  • prejudice against ex-offenders

  • missing friends and life ‘inside’

  • the importance of family

  • choice and personal responsibility

About the author

Andy Croft has written and edited over 80 books – poetry, fiction, biography and non-fiction. He has worked as a writer in residence in several prisons, including HMPs Holme House and South Yorkshire.