The Diamond Series

Books in the Diamond series are for those who are new to reading or need to practice their reading skills. They are written at approximately Entry Level 2 to Entry Level 3 in adult literacy levels.

With an easy-to-read font and open design, Diamond books are great for those starting their reading journey.

We will use the books as a progression point for emergent readers, plus encourage our men who are engaging with the Shannon Trust Reading Programme’s Turning Pages to move onto these as they reach the end of the programme.

Learning and Skills Manager, HMP Erlestoke

Uprising with SmallAxe sticker.jpg
Breaking the Chain

Flare up by Matt Dickinson is an inspiring story about Jason, who keeps his head together and stays out of danger in a tense situation. 

Uprising is the inspirational and gritty true story of author Alex Wheatle’s journey from a troubled youth who was imprisoned for rioting to an award-winning writer.

Breaking the Chain by Darren Richards is a powerful story set in prison about family secrets and the lengths to which a man will go to protect his family.

Fans by Niall Griffiths
Snake by Matt Dickinson

Fans by Niall Griffiths is the moving story of Jerry and his young son getting caught up in football violence.

Snake by Matt Dickinson is a fast-paced story about Liam and what happens when he breaks the law to get something he really wants.

Lost at Sea by Joel Smith

Lost at Sea by Joel Smith is the dramatic story of Joel, who’s in the Royal Navy, and a daring sea rescue that goes horribly wrong.

Space Ark by Rob Childs

Space Ark by Rob Childs is an exciting sci-fi adventure that finds Ben and his family captured by aliens and put in a space zoo.