Fans by Niall Griffiths


by Niall Griffiths

Jerry is excited about taking his young son Stevie to watch the big match.


But when trouble breaks out between the fans, Jerry and Stevie can’t escape the shouting, fighting and flying glass. And then Stevie gets lost in the crowd.


What will Jerry do next? And what will happen to Stevie?

ISBN: 9781908713131

Look Inside

Read the first two chapters:

What do you think?

The book includes ‘What do you think?’ questions that will help readers to better empathize with the characters of the story and questions that encourage personal reflection, such as:

  • What might you need to think about if you have something difficult to talk about with a young child?

  • Jerry’s ‘head was spinning and he was so confused.’ Do you ever feel like this? What are some good ways of coping if you do?

  • What can you do to help break down prejudices that other people may have against you? What can you do to help overcome your own prejudices against others?

  • How far do you agree with Jerry that Liverpool fans and Everton are not better or worse than each other, just different?

  • Do you think the same could be said of other ‘old rivals’, such as rival gangs or people from different countries?

Themes in the book

Readers could be encouraged to discuss and reflect on the following themes:

  • being a good parent

  • prejudices, both against other people and that others may have about you

  • getting on with people from rival clubs or gangs

  • football violence

  • coping with being afraid

  • being a good sport

  • the importance of family

  • choice and personal responsibility

About the author

Niall Griffiths is an author and a poet. His best known works include Grits, Sheepshagger, and Stump, which won the Wales Book of the Year award in 2003. He is also the author of the ‘Quick Reads’ book Bring it Back Home.