Lost At Sea by Joel Smith

Lost at Sea

by Joel Smith

Alec loves his job in the Royal Navy. His new mission is to save refugees from unsafe boats.

But when a daring rescue attempt goes wrong, Alec is the one who needs saving. Who will come to help him?

‘We took turns to read out loud from Lost at Sea. Every chapter has questions at the end, and the men really enjoyed this element... All in all, it was a very lively group today and a successful session.’


Prison Reading Groups volunteer,

HMP Grendon

ISBN: 9781908713094

Look Inside

Read the first two chapters:

What do you think?

The book includes ‘What do you think?’ questions that will help readers to better empathize with the characters of the story and questions that encourage personal reflection, such as:

  • What do you think it would be like to share a small room with eight other people? What could you do, or not do, to make it easier?

  • Have you ever been away from home when there was bad news? Or good news? How did you feel?

  • Do you prefer to keep your problems to yourself or to share them? Who could you share them with?

  • Can you think of some good ways to help reduce worrying?

  • What is the difference between a refugee and an economic migrant?

Themes in the book

Readers could be encouraged to discuss and reflect on the following themes:

  • saying goodbye and feeling homesick

  • dealing with worrying

  • being responsible for other people, being a leader

  • helping your family and others

  • refugees and migrants

  • moving on and moving forward

  • the importance of family

  • choice and personal responsibility

About the author

Joel Smith worked as a journalist before moving into the community development and education sector where he has worked for ten years. He is now supervisor of the North Leitrim Men’s Group community employment scheme where he works with me to improve their personal, social and technical skills. He has also trained as an IT and literacy tutor.