Not Such a Bargain by Toby Forward

Not Such a Bargain

by Toby Forward

Josh has everything ticking along nicely. He’s worked out a great scam for ripping off old ladies, he’s still living with his mum, and he can afford all the latest gear.

But when he meets the lovely Lisa, she starts asking questions that don’t have good answers. And when the police start nosing around too, Josh begins to realize that a life of crime may not pay after all.

‘I really got into Not Such a Bargain, surprisingly seeing as I haven’t managed to read a full book since primary school... It made me think about my own actions more and realize they were wrong, almost bought a tear to my eyes a couple of times.’


Prisoner, HMP Lewes

‘The language was easy, the sentences were short and the story was engaging. You wanted to know what happened next.’


Librarian, HMP & YOI Reading

ISBN: 9781908713001

Look Inside

Read the first two chapters:

What do you think?

The book includes ‘What do you think?’ questions that will help readers to better empathize with the characters of the story and questions that encourage personal reflection, such as:

  • Is it less bad to steal from rich people than from poor people?

  • Does thinking that the money Josh stole was from someone’s nan make it different?

  • How has Josh’s attitude to his mum changed? Why has it changed?

  • Do you think Josh is as confident as he sounds?

  • Do you think Josh cleaned up his business for Lisa or because of the police?

Themes in the book

Readers could be encouraged to discuss and reflect on the following themes:

  • Trust

  • honesty and dishonesty

  • thinking about the victims of burglary

  • the importance of family

  • building positive relationships

  • choice and personal responsibility

About the author

Toby Forward has worked full time as a writer for many years. He is the author of many books, including Travelling Backwards, Dragonborn and Fireborn.