Our Books

Diffusion books all have believable characters and gripping story lines. From a space adventure to the true life story of an award winning writer, and from a convict transported to Australia’s to a story about football violence – there’s something for all readers to enjoy.

Questions at the end of each chapter help the group leader to guide the readers through a meaningful and thought-provoking discussion with an emphasis on personal responsibility and building positive relationships.

We have two series of books, Diamonds and Stars. To find out more information about the books in each series, including a sample chapter and discussion questions, click on the links below.

‘Your books are fantastic… we make good use of the ‘What do you think?’ questions, which leads to very interesting discussions.

Team Librarian, HMP Stoke Heath

Books in the Diamond series are for those who are new to reading or need to practice their reading skills. They are written at approximately Entry Level 2 to Entry Level 3 in adult literacy levels.

Books in the Star series are for those who need to build their reading confidence and are ready to try longer stories.  They are written at approximately Entry Level 3 to Level 1 in adult literacy levels.