Tyler’s Story


It’s probably my drinking that got me into prison. That and not having a proper job.

I wasn’t bothered about school, but in prison I had a chance to join a reading group. The books are interesting but not too hard to read.

In one book, Forty-six Quid and a Bag of Dirty Washing, we read about Barry, a guy who got mixed up with a drug dealer, but has now just left prison. I saw how he had to make good choices every day – and fill in lots of forms – to stay out of prison.


I don’t want to end up back inside again, so I’ve decided that I’m not going to drink on my way home. I won’t get home pissed before the evening’s even started – that just makes me drink more. And I’m going to get better at reading so I can fill in forms when I get out.


We were so inspired by a prisoner from HMP Erlestoke who said that reading Forty-six Quid and a Bag of Dirty Washing made him think about what he’ll do when he gets out of prison that we called him Tyler and wrote this story based on his feedback.